Zagreb Be There – Zagreb Be There – a rewarding Zagreb experience!

Zagreb Be There

Zagreb Be There – a rewarding Zagreb experience!

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Experience Christmas in Zagreb with Zagreb Be There app!

EXPLORE & SHARE & WIN all at the same time!

Want an insider to guide you during your stay in Zagreb? With Zagreb Be There app you’ll discover the coolest spots in town – the real Zagreb! Share your experiences with friends and claim fun rewards, such as souvenirs and discounts, as you explore the city and complete paths.


NEW! Advent
The most beautiful Advent in the whole of Europe is waiting for you to explore it! Experience Zagreb’s winter wonderland, visit its colorful street markets and unique shops, and enjoy special holiday programs and much more.

NEW! Kiss & Tell
There is nothing more beautiful than a kiss under the mistletoe during Christmas holidays. You just have to make sure that this special occasion happens in a special place – and Zagreb is full of them! So simply enjoy, take unique photos and share the love.

Nightlife Zagreb
If anyone knows how to have a good night out in Zagreb, it’s Remi, the lead singer of the famous band Elemental. Check out her favorite places and experience the best of Zagreb’s nightlife.

Foodie Zagreb
Zagreb is no stranger to good food, so Jelena Iva Nikolić, a well-known food blogger and chef, will take you on a Foodie path. Visit true foodie places and discover Zagreb bite by bite.

Arty Zagreb
Zagreb has a thriving, creative arts scene. Actors, musicians, designers and filmmakers congregate in their secret spots, where the pulse of the city beats just a little faster. This is Zagreb through their eyes.

Hidden Spots
Forget the known and the seen; take a journey through secret Zagreb and its sights, stories and surprises.

Classic Zagreb
Zagreb for beginners, Take a tour of the landmarks to glimpse the city’s colorful culture and rich history.

The app works online and offline.

The app works on Android 4.0. and newer.


See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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