Звуковой навигатор AyAy free. – Free Sound navigation program for fishermen, hunters and fishermen.

Звуковой навигатор AyAy free.

Free Sound navigation program for fishermen, hunters and fishermen.

Звуковой навигатор AyAy free. screenshot 0Звуковой навигатор AyAy free. screenshot 1Звуковой навигатор AyAy free. screenshot 2Звуковой навигатор AyAy free. screenshot 3Звуковой навигатор AyAy free. screenshot 4Звуковой навигатор AyAy free. screenshot 5Звуковой навигатор AyAy free. screenshot 6Звуковой навигатор AyAy free. screenshot 7Звуковой навигатор AyAy free. screenshot 8

English and Russian interface. Audible prompts in English are possible only with the help of tts.
 Laid out for familiarization with the program interface and check it works on your device before purchasing the paid version. It differs from the paid version only in the presence of background windows of explaining all of your possible actions.
Allows you without taking your phone out of your pocket for the audio prompts to follow the pre-saved coordinates. Coordinates can be selected from the built-in online maps, and other installed on the device is offline maps can share “geo” or via the clipboard. Repeatedly tested both in the forest and the sea in a continuous fog. With tips from the headset key to call the phone without taking the hint then when it is necessary, switch from one mode to another calculation and close the program. Upon receiving tips through a synthesizer may change, and other settings. The program has Russian and English interface but if desired it can be to translate into another language. You can do this by editing the file ru_Local.txt. or us_local.txt and saving it under another name ?? _ local.txt.

Description of the settings discussion is on the site of the program .. (Registration required at the forum.).

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/g6MmBI


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