Cyclewayz – Cycle tour Australia on great self-guided bike rides. No phone coverage needed!


Cycle tour Australia on great self-guided bike rides. No phone coverage needed!

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Do you want to tour on your bike in Australia but have no idea where to go? With Cyclewayz you can set out with confidence and enjoy the ride at your pace.

Cyclewayz App Cycling Guide
• Choose the right tour for you and your bicycle – from short to epic rides
• ‘Follow the dot’ for easy navigation
• Never get hungry or thirsty when you plan using the Cyclewayz app
• Love the local stories and history of Australia

Our Difference
• No phone or internet coverage is required to use Cyclewayz Guides after the initial download.
• Smartphone GPS knows where you are, even in battery saving flight mode
• Guide and Waypoints show you how far to the next location
• Elevation tells you how much more uphill you have to go
• Download photos fast using minimal data

Lots of Rides to Choose
• Family Holiday
• Short Ride
• Day Ride -Near Sydney and Melbourne
• Multi Day Vacation
• Epic Adventure

With Cycle Wayz you will be able to find a
• Scenic, quiet road, rail trail or cycleway
• Food and Cafés
• Water
• Accommodation/Camping
• Amenities
• Elevations
• History and Local Stories
• The best times to visit our beautiful beaches and forests

You Can
• Choose a tour based on how much time you have, the grading and where you would like to cycle

The Best Bit is…
You can plan you cycle tour to suit you. Any trail can be cycled over a few days and it is easy to know where the accommodation, food and water are. If you decide to take it all on in a single day, then go for it! You can build up to longer bicycle rides by starting with small sections.

Kids are Welcome
Kids are part of the package. Using the Cyclewayz app they can help select cycleways and grow in confidence and enthusiasm for cycle touring. A love that might last a lifetime!

Our free demo cycle routes are fully functional and give you the opportunity to fully road test our app and have all the features of the paid version. In-app purchases apply for the rest of our rides and longer routes can be bundled so you have all of the maps you will need for your cycle journey with one easy in-app purchase.

Contact Us
To report App errors or issues please contact our Technical Support at
To help us with cycle route content errors/updates, provide suggestions, ask questions or provide any other comments please contact us at

About Us
The owners of Cycle Wayz are Angela and Robert Mosley. Together, and with our family, we have cycled many routes around Australia and the world. These include Cairns to the tip of Cape York, Albury to Sale over Mt Skene, around the Flinders Ranges in South Australia, Mexico to Argentina, Chile, Patagonia, New Zealand and more. We love tour cycling whether it be for an afternoon or for a long ride over a great distance through remote areas. Our understanding of an enjoyable cycle ride is reflected in the rides we have mapped. We believe in cycling the back roads – whether they be cycle waze, quiet back country roads or the rail trails. We love scenery from wild beaches to majestic forests and know that cycling is all about the journey with new experiences and fun challenges. Kids are part of the package and there is nothing more enjoyable than a bike ride with the family on one of our family friendly cycle routes. We are working together with High Sierra Attitude LLC and Guthook Hikes LLC who are specialists in providing offline route mapping for many of the long distance hikes in the USA and beyond. Don’t forget to look them up!

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