Bridj – A better commute.


A better commute.

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Bridj is your everyday transportation system that adapts in real-time to where you live, work, and play. Powered by data, we use a network of express shuttles that offer efficient and flexible trips that are as dynamic as the city you call home. The Bridj app allows you to see multiple options to get to your destination, book trips days or minutes in advance, and track your shuttle in real time. Use code APPSTORE to get your first 5 rides free.

-Express Service. Each Bridj trip is express. You’ll save time by going directly to your destination with no transfers and fewer stops.
-Affordable Fares. Rides cost a little more than a subway fare, but significantly less than taking a taxi or driving. Meaning Bridj can be your everyday commuting option and you’ll always know the fare before you book.
-Reserved Seating. Each Bridj is top of the line. When you enter, you’ll sit down in your guaranteed seat and enjoy a quiet ride with free WiFi.

Bridj is available in the Greater Boston & D.C. Metro areas. Request Bridj where you live by downloading the app and searching for a trip.
Please note: currently Bridj is providing rides M-F during the A.M. & P.M. commute.

What people have been saying about Bridj:

“Rather than use the same static routes as your usual city bus routes, Bridj dynamically designs routes that aggregate commuter pickups where demand is highest.” – TechCrunch

“A more interesting variation of the [ridesharing] concept…” -The Economist

“This new-old method of transport [Bridj] has comfortable seats and Wi-Fi. But its real innovation is in its routing. It is a “pop up” bus service, with routes dictated by millions of bits of data that show where people are and where they need to go.” – The NY Times

“It used to take Baston 50 minutes to get to work via train and then a bus. Now she can get into the office in 20 minutes [on Bridj].” – CNN Money

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