eDestinos Voos Hotéis Carros – eDestinos – book flights and hotels, rent cars *****.

eDestinos Voos Hotéis Carros

eDestinos – book flights and hotels, rent cars *****.

eDestinos Voos Hotéis Carros screenshot 0eDestinos Voos Hotéis Carros screenshot 1eDestinos Voos Hotéis Carros screenshot 2eDestinos Voos Hotéis Carros screenshot 3eDestinos Voos Hotéis Carros screenshot 4eDestinos Voos Hotéis Carros screenshot 5eDestinos Voos Hotéis Carros screenshot 6eDestinos Voos Hotéis Carros screenshot 7eDestinos Voos Hotéis Carros screenshot 8

Download the free app from eDestinos.com.br on your Android and get the best deals on their hands, flights, hotels and car rentals. With the app installed, you will have immediate access to all our deals for airline tickets.
☆ Exclusives for users of the eDestinos application:
Book tickets of international airlines, such as LAN, American Airlines, British Airways, Delta, TAP, Aerolineas Argentinas, COPA, TACA, Turkish Airlines, among others;
✔ Best offers airline tickets;
✔ Find deals on all Brazilian airlines, including Azul, Avianca, Gol, TAM and Passaredo;
✔ Your trip to Europe much cheaper! Buy low cost airlines tickets flying only within Europe, such as Ryanair, easyJet, Wizzair and Germanwings;
✔ Unique online travel agency booking last minute airline tickets to fly on the same day;
✔ Compare prices from hundreds of travel sites in a few seconds;
✔ More than 63,000 cities and 3,000 airports, 650 airlines around the world;
✔ Hire and fast cars.

☆ No matter where you are. The advantages will be at your fingertips:
✔ Fast and easy searches, with pages designed especially for you not to waste time or get confused when organizing a trip;
✔ Security in transactions through SSL technology, which ensures the highest standards of security and data privacy;
✔ Offers and prices updated in real time;
✔ International travel with unbeatable prices, and you can book flights from budget airlines operating in Europe alone;
✔ Car rental up to 15% cheaper;
✔ Get the booking confirmation on your phone immediately after purchase.
✔ More than 846,000 hotels worldwide. Best prices, fast reservation;
✔ Up to 15% discount on car rentals.

Download the application of eDestinos.com.br and start to test the tools and solutions developed especially for travelers from all over Brazil. We want to be the Online Travel Agency that will make a difference in all your travels.

Download apk file: https://goo.gl/ZOgcMC


Mhikes GPS à guidage vocal – Mhikes mind discovery, walk, walk, guiding, hiking, offline map

Mhikes GPS à guidage vocal

Mhikes mind discovery, walk, walk, guiding, hiking, offline map

Mhikes GPS à guidage vocal screenshot 0Mhikes GPS à guidage vocal screenshot 1Mhikes GPS à guidage vocal screenshot 2Mhikes GPS à guidage vocal screenshot 3Mhikes GPS à guidage vocal screenshot 4

Are you ready to discover an amazing way around you?

Mhikes, mobile discovery transports you to remarkable places (city, mountain, abroad, at sea ..) for a unique and totally secure!

Whether on foot, by bike, snowshoeing, horseback … the instructions on our routes, without preparing beforehand (just charge his phone battery).
Enjoy tours created by tourism professionals with an interactive quality content in the form of points of interest. And besides, no need for internet connection!

Sharpen your mind discovery!

• Route guidance to the parking
• Real-time guidance with changes of direction clearly marked on your route
• A reliable GPS guide that warns you when you are off track
• Alert when you get to a point of interest
• offline map use trail network without
• Courses created by professionals (guides or guides)
• Multi-media geo-localized with themes on the flora, fauna, history, geology
• Quiz to test your knowledge in a fun way
• Security: geo positioning, GPS coordinate display to facilitate relief

To be guided with the locked phone, you need to allow:
• updating in the background and geo-location.

For good voice dictation directions, thank you to install the Google Voice synthesis

See detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/xZtXQH

Wandel in Bergeijk – Ever wanted to run? Exactly on the border With this app you can!

Wandel in Bergeijk

Ever wanted to run? Exactly on the border With this app you can!

Wandel in Bergeijk screenshot 0Wandel in Bergeijk screenshot 1Wandel in Bergeijk screenshot 2

Have you ever wanted to run? Already on the border This app is in Bergeijk possible!

The border between Belgium and the Netherlands has something magical for many people. Each crossing is unique. Previously the barriers where they were checked, where another language was spoken, were a different currency has been carried out and where often smuggled. Nowadays, due to the loss of the physical boundaries, you pass walking or cycling the border without even noticing it, until you encounter the so-called Border Poles. However, behind the history of the border and the border posts are often impressive stories and interesting facts.

Always wanted to find out where exactly the border between Belgium and Bergeijk running or want to know how people used to smuggle stuff? This can be done by walking four Boundary Poles routes during the year. The routes vary in length, ranging from 5 km to 30 km wide, and thematically (to Experience Smuggling and Border Route Poles). The trails can be walked through clear maps in the app, giving you the history of the border even more polite. There are also several information boards along the routes and the app itself contains stories, narrated by real smugglers, which are relived old times! Curious? Download the app quickly!

Codes for the activation of the routes can be bought at the tourist office in Bergeijk.

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/dRwdoj

De Gule Sider – We love clever shortcuts! DGS is the local search engine regardless of where you are or ..

De Gule Sider

We love clever shortcuts! DGS is the local search engine regardless of where you are or ..

De Gule Sider screenshot 0De Gule Sider screenshot 1De Gule Sider screenshot 2De Gule Sider screenshot 3De Gule Sider screenshot 4

DGS is the local search engine regardless of where you are or where you are going, for example, when you need to buy a new Samsung Galaxy, because it turned out that the old was not waterproof. Or when you find out that it’s a good idea to consult an electrician when you need to replace a dimmer. Life is full of surprises, and therefore we are there to help you quickly find the nearest hotel, flower shop, hairdresser, lawyer, address or yes … you understand. In fact, everything! And when memory fails, we are there to help you find your friends and acquaintances and their phone number as easy as nothing.

Features you will love the app:

– Fast, sleek design with card in focus
– Built Product Search to find everything and then some, both in your area and webshops
– Map in high resolution, which also shows results on aerial and combined aerial photos / maps
– Brand-new street photos
– Easy sorting of search results based on ratings, distance or alphabetically
– Route Plans! We can calculate the distance and guide you on your way no matter where you go.
– Going to Sweden or Norway app also works there.
– Integrated with DGS GPS. With one click you start navigation and can easily find their way. DGS GPS is free and works offline.
– See who’s calling / texting – if the number is not in your contacts, we check in our database.

Remember, if you have navigation running in the background shortens the battery life.

To show you who’s calling or sending you an SMS, we look at your contacts. If the number is not there, we will send it via the Internet to our database, which makes a search on this. This information is saved or shared with others.

Detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/3ly1H7

ConfirmTkt – Train app – Discover confirmed vacant seats from next/previous stations with W/L Predictions

ConfirmTkt - Train app

Discover confirmed vacant seats from next/previous stations with W/L Predictions

ConfirmTkt - Train app screenshot 0ConfirmTkt - Train app screenshot 1ConfirmTkt - Train app screenshot 2ConfirmTkt - Train app screenshot 3ConfirmTkt - Train app screenshot 4ConfirmTkt - Train app screenshot 5ConfirmTkt - Train app screenshot 6ConfirmTkt - Train app screenshot 7ConfirmTkt - Train app screenshot 8ConfirmTkt - Train app screenshot 9

Official app for IRCTC Indian Rail PNR status Prediction, Live train running Status ,Live station, Alternative travel options from next or previous stations by ConfirmTkt
Salient Features:
1. PNR Status prediction
2. Offline PNR Status Prediction
3. Find confirmed vacant seats from next / previous stations
4. Find confirmed vacant seats from trains & buses
5. Offline Train Schedules
6. Live train running status
7. One click train search with predictions for all Quotas
8. Awesome trip manager for easy access
9. Intuitive Fare enquiry
10. Lowest battery & data consumption
11. One click cab booking with OLA
12. Share train info with friends with just a tap and much more…
Happy predicting!!
Team confirmtkt.com
Email us at support@confirmtkt.com

Permissions Required:
Location: Easily access your current location for Cab bookings
SMS: Automatically adds your trips by reading SMS from IRCTC.
Identity: Takes email ID for notification emails, Access verification.
Photos / Media / Files: For accessing external storage where schedules are saved offline.

1) This app is not affiliated with CRIS or IRCTC. Confirmtkt assumes no liability for or relating to the delay, failure, interruption or corruption of any data or other information transmitted in connection with use of http://www.confirmtkt.com and its allied sites.
2) This app relies on public information available on relevant websites that you choose to access, at will, through the app. By using it, you are responsible for any legal implications that may arise from such usage. You’ll need to visit IRCTC official website / app to make your bookings.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/VOcD1C

China Airlines App – Enjoying your trip with our personal travel secretary, China Airlines mobile App

China Airlines App

Enjoying your trip with our personal travel secretary, China Airlines mobile App

China Airlines App screenshot 0China Airlines App screenshot 1China Airlines App screenshot 2China Airlines App screenshot 3China Airlines App screenshot 4

The new China Airlines Mobile App is your personal travel secretary. It provides you with personalized flight information and services including mobile check-in, flight and miles management, and flight status updates so you can enjoy every moment of your trip.

China Airlines Mobile App Features:

• Book Flights
Search for flights then enter your payment details to book a flight.
• Mobile Check-in
Check-in 1.5-24 hours before departure (for international routes) with China Airlines Mobile App to avoid the queues.
• Meal Selection
First-class and Business-class passengers can select their preferred meals 24 hours-14 days before departure.
• Seat Selection
Use China Airlines Mobile App to select seats for you and your companions.
• Boarding Pass/My Wallet
All you boarding passes and coupons are collected here for convenience.
• Flight Information
Search and track all China Airlines timetable and flight status for the latest arrival and departure times.
• My Trips
A convenient feature that helps you manage your flight itineraries. Access important information on your flight including timetable, status, and itinerary. You also receive push notification on any changes to your flight.
• Personal Information and Miles Management
Dynasty members can manage and edit their personal information, flight miles and Mileage Correction in the CI App.
• Personal Promotions
Information on the latest promotions including Dynasty member exclusives, CI website, and Dynasty packages.
• Ancillary Service
Purchase the ancillary services you need including family couch, in-flight Wi-Fi, high speed rail tickets, and “Let’s Go” luggage allowance.
• Contact us
Information on China Airlines Global business locations including address and contact number. Tap on number to dial.

China Airlines will continue to improve on every feature with every update. We provide you with the most personalized travel service and wish you a pleasant flight.

Detail information: https://goo.gl/Hw5FGC

Keyfuels – Find Keyfuels sites near your current location or near a full UK postcode.


Find Keyfuels sites near your current location or near a full UK postcode.

Keyfuels screenshot 0Keyfuels screenshot 1Keyfuels screenshot 2Keyfuels screenshot 3

This application enables Keyfuels cardholders to find the nearest sites where they can use their card, display these sites on a map, list them, view their details and optionally open Google Maps™ with a route to a selected site.

The selected sites are usually near your current location but in release 2, there is an option to select site near a UK postcode.

How Keyfuels Sites Works
Keyfuels Sites uses the network location and GPS capabilities of the device to determine the current location and then download the nearest sites. Once downloaded, these sites can be displayed a map and listed in ascending order of distance from the current location.

The maps support zoom buttons and pan using finger drag – in the same way as Google Maps™. By touching a site’s icon, its details can be displayed.

The Site List
Sites are listed in ascending order of distance from the current location. By selecting a site its details can be displayed.

Site Details
Site details can be displayed by selecting a site from a map or the Nearest Sites List. Site details include address, opening times, and directions. There is an option to open Google Maps™ with a route to the selected site. . If this option is selected, it is easy to return to the application using the Android back key

Geographic Scope
There are approximately 1,500 Keyfuels sites throughout the UK including Northern Ireland.

Vehicle Type Selection
Keyfuels Sites enables you to select sites appropriate to your type of vehicle. There are three options:-
· All Keyfuels sites
· Only Light Commercial Vehicle/Car sites
· Heavy Goods Vehicle sites only

Keyfuels Sites includes context-sensitive, help screens.

Device Requirements
Keyfuels Sites uses both network location and GPS Satellite location – the first for speed and the second for accuracy.
Both of these methods require a mobile data connection, not just Wifi.
It also uses Google Maps™ which must be installed on your device.

Mobile Data
Keyfuels Sites uses mobile data to download the nearest sites in a compact data format and to download Google Maps™.
Network mobile data is required, not just wifi.

Limitations on Use
Keyfuels Sites must not be used while driving.

The Keyfuels Sites application has been developed for Keyfuels by Caversham Telecom Ltd http://www.cavtel.co.uk who also provide email support.

Detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/n8SGaA